1::1 Shamanic Healing and Mind-Body Counselling

1::1 Shamanic Healing and Mind-Body Counselling

The practice of shamanic and energetic healing involves making a conscious commitment to become more authentic and integrated with yourself, others, spirit and nature.

Shamanic healing works on the principle that we all have the capacity to self-heal and that all healing has a spiritual, emotional and psychological dimension.

It is ultimately each person’s deep desire and personal responsibility to become whole again and bring forth what is in shadow into the light of awareness – for the purpose of awareness, transformation and healing.

Why a Personal Shamanic Healing Journey?

Issues and illnesses that manifest in different people often have different underlying causes.

In one person, depression and fatigue may be caused from an emotional injury to the heart; in another person the same symptoms might come from excessive stress and worry.

You will heal by working directly with the mind, body, soul and emotions to create greater balance and awareness in your physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual world.

Shamanic Healing Will Help You:

Regain clarity, passion and soul-purpose in life

Release limiting blocks, emotions, patterns, and belief systems

Awaken self-love, self-responsibility, inner-freedom, understanding and acceptance

~ Nathan G ~

“My motivation for writing this is to share my experience. I’m in my mid-thirties, male. I consider myself to possess a discerning intellect and drive to succeed. I have a wife, a young family and am relatively successful in my career – but something was a bit off. I’d watched a TED talk on becoming more authentic and a short time later came across Beata’s website and read a sentence about being more authentic and it resonated with me. Before I knew it I’d reached out and made a booking via email and had my first session. I came away from that session feeling lighter and less controlled by external people and events. In fact I felt so good I made a repeat visit there and then, and over the next couple of months subtle changes occurred and I uncovered things I didn’t even know were affecting me. My life is on a different trajectory: I am more connected at home, I’m a better father and more connected and honest with my wife ~ which makes everything better! I feel interesting and happy again and overall I stress less. Thank you Beata, for the enormous and profound impact your work has had on my life!”

Who Will Benefit From a Shamanic Healing Session
These sessions help those seeking to:


  • Managing change, trauma, and deep transition.
  • Bringing freedom, empowerment, joy and fulfilment to your life
  • Managing chronic pain – emotional, mental, physical and spiritual
  • Exploring meditation therapy and visualization techniques.
  • Learning tools for stress management
What Happens in a Shamanic Healing Session?

An initial Shamanic healing session lasts 1.5 hours, with follow-up sessions being one hour in length.

The investment for each session is $165AUD. 


At the beginning of each session, through dialogue and intuitive awareness, I will help you identify what most needs your attention and expression at that time.


Depending on your needs, we can use: dialogue, visualisation, soul-centred shamanic healing, mind-body counselling or other healing processes.


You will be guided into feeling, listening and creating a dialogue with your body which will naturally take you in the direction of wholeness as you engage with it in this way. You may spend part of the session seated and also choose to lie down.

What Techniques are Used in a Shamanic Healing Session?
  • Shamanic and energetic healing
  • Mind-body Counselling
  • Guided meditation and Visualisation techniques
  • Spiritual and Shamanic Journeywork
  • Ancestral Lineage Clearing
  • Sound Therapy – including drumming, bell, voice and rattle work
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Connecting to Higher Self and Spiritual Guidance
  • Aura Cleansing
  • Energetic Clearing and Extraction Work
  • Energetic Cord-Cutting
  • Shamanic Counselling
  • Transpersonal Life Coaching

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