We are in a time of global awakening.

Awakening to our potential, awakening to ourselves, to our spirituality and to our connection with life.

I hold up a mirror for people to allow themselves to see their own beauty, magnificence and power.

Empowered people make choices that are pro life and that are going to affect others and our world in positive and deeply life-affirming ways.

Through our own personal journeys, we realise that our greatest challenges hold the opportunities for our deepest growth.

It takes enormous courage to find the gifts in the ‘dark journeys’- however when we do – we can rewrite our stories of pain and trauma, and turn them into stories of empowerment and liberation.

I invite you to transform your life and discover the freedom, joy and power of living in your creative potential.
With love,

Beata x

My work will assist you to heal, empower and transform your life ~ with tools for deepening your spiritual practice, discovering your soul’s purpose and connecting you with your authentic self.

BA HOMEPAGE-explorewaystoworkwithme-1x1shamanichealing

I am a medicine woman and spiritual catalyst and will assist you in remembering who you are! Through core-shamanic practices, ancient wisdom and powerful processes, I facilitate transformational work to awaken your creative potential.

I believe that you have the ability to heal yourself when you realise that you created your current circumstances and health. When we bring our shadow aspects into the light of awareness and take responsibility – real transformation and healing can take place.

I am dedicated to empowering women in deeply life-affirming ways. Connecting you with the potency of your inner wisdom. Transform your old stories of pain, regret and failure into stories of empowerment, self-mastery and liberation.

BA HOMEPAGE-Ceremonies

Give yourself the time and space to relax, step away from your daily life and rediscover your essential nature. Magic happens when we are not stressed out with schedules and deadlines.

Shamanic Ceremonies are a dynamic, powerful and creative way to bring people together to acknowledge and celebrate the importance of the event and also the power of community in these changing times.

Beáta is a dynamic, soulful and passionate public speaker and inspires every audience she has shared a message with to be more authentic, embodied and committed to living lives that are deeply fulfilled.

Over the 9 months of Purpose, Power and Magic 2018 you will learn, understand, explore and embody core-shamanic practices that will assist you in transforming your life.

Journey of Initiation 2018 is an invitation into living your life from a place of openhearted radiance, courage, authenticity, love and trust.
This will be a powerful, raw, real and transformative retreat experience for women.

Ready to Transform Your Life in 2018 with 7 Key Practices to Living Your Magic?