Medicine Woman Wisdom Melbourne – Path of Heart ~ Path of Power

 Sunday 29th October, 2017

The definition of a Medicine Woman is simple, yet complex. It is the path of ultimate accountability – a path of healing, beauty, reverence and power. This path requires that we take full responsibility for our lives and understand that all things manifest themselves from within.

As a modern Medicine Woman you have the privilege of holding a remarkable set of capacities that have the potential to create immense transformation in our world. These capacities include your intuition, your truth, your personal power, your magic, your healing gifts and your deep connection to the Earth.

This part of Self holds gifts and a certain ‘knowing’ which are unique to each woman. Perhaps your inner Medicine Woman is a seer, herbalist, visionary, gifted healer, midwife, sacred activist or protector of the earth.


“Beata, you’re an extraordinary woman. I love that you’re so passionate about your work. You hold great knowledge and power to influence many women. I have nothing but respect, love and gratitude to you personally and to each woman on this journey.”

This deeply enriching, transformative and powerful one-day journey is open to women who feel called to explore their own Medicine Woman Wisdom.

  • In this one day Medicine Woman Wisdom Journey You Will:

    • Learn to understand and embrace the GIFTS you carry within as you harness the potency of your unlimited creative potential
    • Learn about Shamanic Breathwork and how this practice can heal and transform states of conscious
    • Learn about Shamanic Journeywork and how this ancient practice opens up doorways to other realms of consciousness that can be used for reclaiming personal medicine, power, divination, insight and healing
    • Learn to transform stories of pain into gifts of personal power
    • Learn practical tools for clearing your ancestral lineage and embodying the innate wisdom and power of your Womb

~ Michelle J ~

“I could share with you the endless experiences that make Beata’s work profound! For me, what is essential when choosing a transformational workshop is that it fosters true change in your life. Powerful change is what has manifested for me out of this day - thank you so much!”

Medicine Woman Wisdom – The Details

Date: 10am – 6pm – Sunday 29th October, 2017
Place: Prana House (Quan Yin Studio)
Address: Level 1/885 High St, Thornbury Melbourne
PH: (03) 9484 – 5344
Time: 10am – 6pm
Investment: $245
Bookings essential
Full payment prior to workshop is required.

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