Soul Purpose Sessions

~ Soul Purpose Sessions ~

A Soul Purpose session is not like a traditional psychic reading because I don’t use my intuitive gifts to predict your future or talk to your guides.

What I do is focus deeply on your energy, specifically, and find out what’s at the bottom of all the things you’re asking about (relationships, career, work, life, health, etc) and help you to remove all that no longer serves you.

I spend time reframing your perspectives about your current situations and focus on the power you carry within rather than placing your power outside of yourself.

When you discover the GIFTS that are hidden in your greatest life challenges; it will put you on the fast track to healing, understanding and self-responsibility.

~ Beverly Culpeper ~

“Nothing I write about Beata will ever do Beata justice. So all I say is this… If your path has crossed with Beata’s in whatever capacity, then I hope for you, the same! My Soul Purpose session has been a deeply touching, insightful and transformative experience of pure truth, clarity and love.”

Soul Purpose healing is a shift to a higher perspective of understanding and awareness

Be it an energetic blockage or intrusion, a limiting belief about yourself, a traumatic event or a dysfunctional relationship, together we will get to the cause of all the continued chaos, negative situations and ‘dis-ease’ in your life.

You are the Creator of Your Own Reality.

In a Soul Purpose session we work to discover the limiting beliefs you hold in your subconscious mind which create all of the situations you find yourself in. We then transform these beliefs to support a new reality that is in alignment with your highest creative potential.

Who Will Benefit From a Soul Purpose Session
These sessions help those seeking to:


  • Create important changes in their lives
  • Receive spiritual guidance and clarity around a decision or situation
  • Understand what blockages are revealing themselves in their current energetic field
  • Gain clarity around life-purpose, relationships, health and abundance
  • Clear energetic blockages
  • Understand their Soul’s purpose and life-path
What happens in a Soul Purpose Session?
  • A Soul Purpose session will take 2 hours.
  • At the beginning of the session, through dialogue and intuitive awareness, I will help you identify what most needs your attention and expression at that time and what is currently being activated and seen in your energetic field.
  • I will use a combination of: tarot card divination, prophecy, dialogue, visualisation, sound healing, soul-centred shamanic healing, mind-body counselling and other healing processes.
What Techniques are used in a Soul Purpose Session?
Depending on your needs, I will use a combination of:


  • Tarot card divination
  • Prophecy
  • Guided meditation and visualisation techniques
  • Connecting to higher self and spiritual guidance
  • Aura reading and cleansing
  • Shamanic Counselling
  • Transpersonal life coaching
  • Energetic clearing and extraction work
  • Energetic cord-cutting
  • Shamanic Counselling
  • Transpersonal life coaching
  • Shamanic and energetic healing
  • Mind-body counselling
  • Guided meditation and visualisation techniques
  • Spiritual and shamanic journeywork
  • Sound therapy – including drumming, bell, voice and rattle work
  • Soul Retrieval
What Can I Expect After a Soul Purpose Session?

You may experience relief, joy, peace, excitement or increased energy – to name a few possibilities.


This work is intended to elicit real and lasting change in your life. The real effects of the session can unfold over the following weeks, months or years.


Sometimes they are immediately obvious, while at other times the changes are of a more subtle nature. In general, nourishing yourself with lots of water, healthy food, quiet moments and time in nature helps to integrate the work you do in a session.

How Many Soul Purpose Sessions Do I Need?

Regarding a Soul Purpose Session, you only need ONE.
After the session, you and I will have a sense of what is best for you and whether you need to do more work with me through a 1:1 Shamanic Healing session/s.

True Power, Healing and Knowledge is Inside of YOU.

Soul Purpose Sessions - The Detail
  • Investment: AU $330
  • Time: Two hours
  • Location: The Healing Space Bondi Junction or via Skype

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