~ Shamanic Healing Sessions ~

“My motivation for writing this is to share my experience. I’m in my mid-thirties, male. I consider myself to possess a discerning intellect and drive to succeed. I have a wife, a young family and am relatively successful in my career – but something was a bit off. I’d watched a TED talk on becoming more authentic and a short time later came across Beáta’s website and read a sentence about being more authentic and it resonated with me. Before I knew it I’d reached out and made a booking via email and had my first session. I came away from that session feeling lighter and less controlled by external people and events. In fact I felt so good I made a repeat visit there and then, and over the next couple of months subtle changes occurred and I uncovered things I didn’t even know were affecting me. My life is on a different trajectory: I am more connected at home, I’m a better father and more connected and honest with my wife ~ which makes everything better! I feel interesting and happy again and overall I stress less. Thank you Beáta, for the enormous and profound impact your work has had on my life!”

~ Nathan G ~

“If you are feeling ready for change & feel drawn to attend one of Beáta’s retreats, workshops or 1:1 shamanic healing sessions; don’t hesitate – just go! 

She is a phenomenal facilitator and healer who holds such a powerful and sacred space for deep, lasting transformation.”

~ Sara Brooke ~

“Hello dear Beáta,

What an incredible time it’s been since our session on Saturday!

I have realised so many things since our session – but mainly that I need weekly time on my own doing nothing, or anything I want. Spending a whole day away on my own gave me so much perspective; it filled me up and I feel brimming with the knowledge that I can keep going and start to thrive in my life.

When you showed me that I create my reality and how you gave me space to make up a new affirmation – my whole inner world has completely shifted to reflect those new beliefs. I am in awe and have so much gratitude for you.

I can’t wait to see you again.

Thank you so very much!


With so much love,”

~ Claire Nicholls ~

“Dear Beáta – 

Yesterday something changed in me.

A surge of power and conviction of my purpose on this earth, yet it was a comfortable and gentle ‘knowing’.

You are a Queen – a Queen with heart.

Thanks for opening the door to step into ME.

 It was such an amazing, healing experience.

Thank you so much beautiful Beáta – it’s a day I won’t forget.”

~ Lola Darling ~

~ One Day Workshops ~

“To my dearest Beáta,

Thank you so much for facilitating such an amazing workshop on the weekend. The gift I received is truly immeasurable, and noticeable in my thoughts and actions already.

I began to drop the story of being too busy and scattered to achieve some big goals and in the process, have become a more relaxed mother. I honestly feel gentle, more subtle and feminine, and not as aggressive and manic as I was before. 

The only way I can explain what I’m feeling is it’s as though the tap to my feminine powers has been turned back on with full force!

I feel like a Queen sitting on my throne!

Yesterday was just MAGIC!!

Anyway, I would love to continue working with you.

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful gift.”


~ Claire Vannuccini ~

“Hi Beáta,

I wanted to thank you for such an incredible experience last Sunday.

I didn’t quite know what to expect and as soon as we lay down for the first time and you started your shamanic drumming and chanting, I was transported. It was a totally new experience but so familiar at the same time – I was moved to tears. I felt like there was a ‘remembering’ for me.

Thank you so much again Beáta for a truly transformational day – I can’t wait to experience more with you in the future and I am totally committed to my own growth and development in this space.


~ Sherridan Bourne ~

“Dearest Beáta,

Your work is incredible and I can’t believe the transformation in myself over the past two weeks since the workshop!

You are the most inspirational person I have ever met. You were destined for this life and in return so many people will transform because of your work.

You are changing the world – one person at a time and that has magic and power in it.

Thank you – all my love.”

~ Jenny Bleechmore ~

“Very looking forward to ‘starting’ a proper therapy journey with you, I truly feel that your methods, your magic, your approach and the soul journeys you take us on are literally out of this world, therefore so, so powerful.  

Like I said before, I did years of ‘conventional therapy’ and have been studying Buddhism and psychology for a very long time; so I considerer myself to have a great knowledge on the works of the mind.

But this study of Shamanism – and you as the magical vessel –  really is something very very powerful.

Words cannot express how grateful I am to have met you and been on this journey with you.

Lots and lots of love to you – being of magic!

~ Melanie Pinto ~

~ Mentorship Programs ~


“It’s been such a massive 9 months my darling. I literally feel like I just birthed myself and now I’ve got to raise myself again, as the parent who chooses right and from a place of complete self awareness and not from the space of a child who is attached to the wounds

It feels like we are just about to jump from the nest and even though I know that greatness awaits I am scared.

Difference now is I use the tools I have to move through it. I am learning to trust my own knowing as the best guide.

I still look to others for the knowledge they offer, as I know it is divinely guided to me by my highest self; but there is trust, self trust. That has been so huge for me – to trust myself – to know that I DO know what’s best. My work with you has become the anchor, the sela (boulder), the grounding force that has held the space for me to explore myself and accept and love what is.

I hope to one day I can facilitate this kind of life changing work to help others. And I pray sister that I am able to do it with the integrity, the honesty, the grace, the love, the wisdom, the fun and the compassion that you do.

Thank you for everything and I thank the Universe for bringing us together!

Love you so much!”

~ Maya Aliman Kopal ~

“Dearest Beata,

Thank you so much for loving ALL of me. Especially the parts that I was ashamed to show anyone else. I have never been so open with anyone before, and your deep compassion has taught me to accept and even love all of me!

Because of this mentorship, for the first time in my life I feel unafraid. I feel like whatever comes, I have the courage to face it. No more perfectionism, no more over-thinking; just love and trust. Trust in myself and in the world.

I truly wouldn’t be here without your love and guidance.

With all my love and gratitude.”

~ Sophie Szymanski ~

“Dearest Beáta,

“Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom, your knowledge, your love and your laughter with all of us.

I truly admire the way you hold a space with so much power and grace, and your ability to feel into what each woman needs at all times.

It’s so inspiring to watch your work and to be part of your space. I’ve truly enjoyed every month of the mentorship program this year; each module growing and expanding upon the other.

The womb wisdom I have received is something I will never forget and hold with me forever. I am forever grateful to you.

I honour you and the work that you share and I hope this isn’t the end – that it is just the beginning.

Much love always.”

~ Rebecca Currey ~

“Hi Beata,

Thank you for demonstrating what it means to be a strong woman with tenderness and compassion.

Through this mentorship I have grown to understand and appreciate the importance of ‘The Journey’ and reconnecting with my truth.

The group has offered me the opportunity for me to step up and be seen – which I don’t know that I truly identified as my reason for feeling ‘blah’ about certain aspects of my life.

I have certainly laid the foundation over the last 9-months to really step into my power through your encouragement and guidance.

Thank you. 

With all my love and best wishes.”

~ Kimberley Noye ~

“Dear Beata,

This is just to say an incredibly big THANK YOU for your mentorship this year.

Our private 1:1 sessions were amazing – done with so much depth, humour, fun, heart and LOVE.

You’re amazing.

Thank you for guiding me to this point in my life. You are a gift! Love you.

I would never have had the confidence to run a workshop the other evening if it wasn’t for your support.

I channelled your presence there. Please keep doing what you’re doing – just WOW!”

~ Rachel Barry ~

“Beautiful Beata,

Thank you for the amazing journey and for initiating a magical phase in my life of ‘Getting to know myself’.

This awakening process, as you know, is not easy sometimes; but it is fundamental in giving us the strength to move away from all the labels we create in our lives.

I’ll be forever grateful for everything you helped me with. My insights came to me through your powerful work.

Thank you.

Lots of love.”

~ Grabriela Canto ~

“Beautiful Beata,

“Thank you for being you and for all the great things you bring to this world and for those of us who just want more for ourselves.

I truly respect all that you do – keep on doing your work. The world truly needs great change.

And you show by the power of example the power we can all step into by being true to ourselves and not settling for anything less.

Thank you. I love you.”

~ Cassandra Campbell ~

“Dear Beáta,

Thank you for being there on this journey with me.

Challenging, inspiring and encouraging me to be the BEST version of myself that I can be.

Thank you for showing me that there is another world that I can access that is rich with wisdom, magic and wonder!

Thank you for being your authentic self – for shining your love and light and for standing in your power – as it shows me that I can do the same!

Thank you for your love, trust and patience – as I always feel that every word of wisdom, every challenge and all your feedback comes from a place of love and compassion.

I feel so blessed for this beautiful connection with you. It’s only the beginning.”

~ Anna Idzikowska ~

~ Retreats ~

“The ‘Embracing the Wild Divine’ retreat in Bali changed my life.

Each day brought with it a new opportunity for me to break and move past an old story that no longer served me, or a behavioral pattern that I no longer required.

It truly broke me in every sense of the word, but Beata held the space in such a beautiful manner that I felt safe, supported and nurtured.

The other women were all incredibly inspiring and I feel truly blessed to now have 16 other sisters.

I could not speak highly enough about the retreat, or of Beata as a facilitator and healer.

What I experienced and learned about myself will stay with me forever.”

~ Sarah Marcius, Sydney ~

“Beáta what an AMAZING woman you are.

A Real Goddess!

You are a powerhouse with so much wisdom and compassion.

You have inspired me in so many ways and I have immense admiration, respect and gratitude for you.

I had a profound awakening experience during your retreat in Bali and will take this for life.

However I know that it’s just the beginning.

I love you dearly! Thank you!”

~  Tarsila Motta, Brazil ~

“This retreat, set amongst the beauty of the Balinese rice fields will enlighten, challenge, embrace, confront and shake you out of your existing stories.

Through ancient shamanic processes you are guided to self-discoveries and empowerment.

The journey is not always easy.

The work is deep and demands commitment. Beata facilitates with grace and passion. The results are truly transformative.

Come with an open mind, leave with an open heart.”

~ Paulene Smith, Singapore ~

“Dear Beáta, Thank you, thank you, thank you for this amazing soul opening experience on the Wild Heart Awakening retreat.

I came here with no idea of what to expect, but I came with an open mind and an open heart.

The experience was beyond amazing; from the beautiful scenery in the hotel, to the wonderful soul opening group sessions, to the amazing dance practices.

Thank you for showing me that there is another world that I can access that is rich with wisdom, magic and wonder!

Thank you Beáta for making me realise my potential, now I feel I no longer need to hide. I feel so LIGHT now.

This was a life-changing experience and forever I shall be grateful.”

~ Rawan Baasher, Egypt~

“Working with Beáta is an affirmation of my life’s path and the practices we do help to keep me on track.

It is a constant deepening of my inner knowing and my intuition.

Every retreat I do with Beáta, I receive a new piece of medicine and a new sense of transformation. I’ve watched Beáta work with large groups of people and each person still receives the direct attention they need at the right time.

She works with a fierce passion and a deep clarity that creates profound change in people’s lives. She can cut through many layers to penetrate deep into ones core.

The practices we do together in circle offer profound transformation.

Thank you so much darling!”

~ Emilia Rose, California ~

“Beáta’s ‘Embracing the Wild Divine’ retreat has been the most powerful, transformative and deeply loving experience I have ever had!

Her ability to weave together stories of empowerment, hold space and KNOW exactly what is needed in every moment, her flexibility and complete trust in the process has deeply inspired me.

If you are ready to go deep and push through your caterpillar phase and become a butterfly ~ if you are ready to embrace your inner wild woman ~ this retreat is for you!”

~ Nazanin Marashian, Iran ~

“The transformation that I have witnessed within all the women on this retreat has been an absolute honour.

Beáta’s magical ability to transform, release and heal us all is something I will never forget.

She is a life investment and I recommend her work to any person who would like to experience the sacred in life ~ you won’t regret it!

Much love and gratitude.”

~ Melissa-Jean Wilbraham, Queensland ~

“Beáta is so strong, real, loving and nurturing…So aligned to Source, so dedicated to her path…Such a powerful and authentic space holder.

I have NEVER seen a group of women transform so fast.

We felt so held, so supported and so seen. The healing container was TIGHT! I’m honoured to work alongside Beáta, it’s a dream come true. The wisdom, depth, encouragement, passion, tears, laughter ~  ~ I’d do it all again in a heartbeat! 

I highly recommend that all men and women who feel called to do her work, jump in ~ you won’t regret it. Beáta is fucking sensational. I respect her so much.

There are a lot of confused ‘bull-crap’ leaders in the world, however Beáta knows exactly what she’s doing.

Her work pushes you to go deep to become the brightest and most authentic version of YOU!”

~ Hayley Melrose, Sydney ~

“Darling Beáta,

I’m not so good with expressing my feelings into words but I’ll give it a try.

I was invited through a friend and I just said YES without doing much research, so I didn’t know exactly what I was getting myself into, or what to expect.

Now however, I believe I was here for a reason. It has been an amazing week in Bali with you and all of the gorgeous women. It is my first participation in spiritual practices and I have to tell you that its been more than I ever could have expected ~ absolutely wonderful.

Beáta, you’re an extraordinary woman. I love how you’re so passionate about your work. You hold great knowledge and power to influence many women.

I have nothing but respect, love and gratitude to you personally and to each woman on this journey. I had an opportunity to really connect with myself and look deeper into my self and my future.

The whole journey was highly emotional and touching for me. I had a connection with each of the beautiful women and I shall carry love, laughter and ‘one-of-a-kind memories’ with me forever.

It was transformative ~ a pure, honest and deep experience.
I hope our paths cross again Beáta.”

~ Ruba Elrabaa, Sudan ~

“I am in the process of travelling on a profound and life changing journey.

I’m honoured to be part of this retreat in Bali and guided by the soulful and ‘heart-full’ Beáta Alfoldi.

The experience has allowed me to open my heart to a life of love and purpose. I’ve been in the company of amazing women from all over the world and I’ve been embraced.

Thank you Beàta for this incredible journey.”

~ Carmel  Eileen Cora,
Melbourne ~

“Dearest Beáta,

How beautiful that I can write this testimony on the 15th anniversary of my Mothers passing.

Firstly, thank you for sharing this journey. Not only with my mother, but with my beautiful daughter Emilia, in present.

Everyone has a story or stories from the past, work that needs to be done.  I am just beginning to find my inner-child and be selfish for ME! It is beautiful.

It is a new experience for me and I can now look in the mirror after many years of ‘parenting that child’ and say ~ ‘Welcome Back’!

I love you Beáta. Thank you!”

~ Julia Carpenter, USA ~

“Dearest Beáta,

I feel very privileged to be part of this retreat experience!

This deeply transformational work not only helped me to find my clarity in life, but also deepen my spiritual practice and confidence in general.

This retreat has helped me own ‘who I am’. I felt supported and guided to go deeper in my self and in my life.

Thank you for making this a magical experience for me. You are an amazing woman Beáta and a beautiful human being!

Much love.”

~ Julia Golubeva, Russia ~

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