Purpose, Power and Magic 2018

A nine-month transformational mentorship program with Beáta Alföldi

PURPOSE, POWER and MAGIC 2018 is an invitation into living your life from a place of openhearted radiance, courage, authenticity, love and trust.

This will be a powerful, raw, real and transformative experience. The question is ~ ARE YOU READY to step into your full creative potential and live your wildest dreams.

Transform your old stories of pain, regret and failure into stories of power, wisdom and freedom.

If you are ready to take full responsibility for your life without blame, self-pity or victim-consciousness and begin to understand how you have arrived to the place that you are currently in, then this retreat is for you.

Earth Centered Shamanic Practices

In Purpose, Power and Magic you will learn, understand, explore and embody core-shamanic practices that will assist you in transforming your life:


  1. March 4th: Introduction and Opening Ceremony ~ The Wheel of Life
  2. April 1st: Embody Your Animal Totem ~ Reclaim Your Wilderness
  3. May 13th: Soul Retrieval and Energetic Intrusions ~ Returning the Fragmented Self
  4. June 10th: Embrace your Shadow ~ Gifts of the Dark
  5. July 1st: Womb Wisdom ~ The Seat of Creation
  6. August 5th: Ancestral Lineage Clearing ~ Transforming the Story
  7. September 2nd: Self Awareness ~ 7 Pathways to Freedom
  8. October 7th: Personal Power ~ Embody your Medicine
  9. November 4th: Soul Purpose ~ Create a Life of Magic

My Vision for Purpose, Power and Magic

My vision is to bring women together to share their wisdom, experience, challenges and joys and to deepen their spiritual practice and connection to Self, Nature, Life and Spirit.

I am dedicated to empowering women in deeply life affirming ways. Connecting you with the wilderness of your inner terrain ~ the ONE who knows, sees and feels all. 

On the course you will learn, understand, explore and embody through earth-centred, shamanic practices:

March 4th Introduction and Opening Ceremony ~ The Wheel of Life

The purpose of the sacred wheel of life is to earn a medicine body ~ another body that will keep all your others (physical, emotional, spiritual, luminous) healthy. Within the Medicine Wheel is contained the totality of life. In this component you will learn to engage in the energies that reside in each direction of the medicine wheel and activate your intentions for the nine-month mentoring program through a powerful opening ceremony.

April 1st Embody Your Animal Totem ~ Reclaim Your Wilderness

Totem Animals can be seen as channels or frequencies with many levels of understanding. They are primordial archetypes of the natural world around us and work with our subconscious mind, tapping into resources and energies that present in all things. They are part of the collective mind as a constant truth found throughout the world. Animal teachers become noticeable when it’s time to invite their energies into your life. In this component you will learn about your personal animal totem and how to embody this energy and bring it into your life for divination, healing and personal empowerment.

May 13th Soul Retrieval and Energetic Intrusions ~ Returning the Fragmented Self

The soul is the axis mundi of an individual ~ the centre of the shamanic healing arts. During soul retrieval sessions you are able to retrieve ancient wisdom and lost personal power that relate to situations of abuse, trauma or giving your power away to others. A Soul fragmentation happens when aspects of the soul leave the body in order to protect the individual from damaging situations that are emotional, psychological, spiritual or physical. In this component you will learn how to recognise and remove unwanted energetic intrusions that may cause illness and return lost aspects of self in order to become whole again.

June 10th Embrace your Shadow ~ Gifts of the Dark

The human shadow is the unconscious aspect of an individuals personality that the conscious ego judges, fears and rejects to the degree that the individual does not identify the shadow as part of him/ herself. Working with the shadow aspect we can begin to embrace and understand this dynamic and powerful aspect of the personality and begin to find the gifts and latent talents that this aspect of self contains. In this component you will learn to recognise the gifts of your shadow-self for personal empowerment and transformation.

July 1st Womb Wisdom ~ The Seat of Creation

In the past and in present-day sacred traditions, women have known that the womb houses the greatest power a woman possesses: the power to create on all levels. Utilised in the process of giving birth, this power of creation can also be tapped in the birth of projects, careers, personal healing, spirituality, and relationships. However, because the womb stores the energetic imprint of every intimate encounter – loving or not – the creative voice of the womb is often muffled or absent altogether, affecting the emotional, mental, and spiritual health of women and their relationships. In this component you will learn how to harness and clear the energy of the womb in order to create a life of meaning, passion and purpose.

August 5th Ancestral Lineage Clearing ~ Transforming the Story

In our bodies we carry the stories, illnesses, tragedies, pain and grief of our ancestors. Oftentimes we are unconscious of how the energy of old family wounds informs how we think and act in everyday life. This is why we see patterns of abuse, addiction, poor health and many other ailments on a physical and psychological level that continue to play out from one generation to the next. From a shamanic perspective, these traits are seen as energetic imprints in our auric fields and it is the work of ancestral lineage clearing to understand, heal and address these issues so that they do not continue from one generation to the next. In this component you will learn to understand and to heal ancestral patterns that continue to dominate your life.

September 2nd Self Awareness ~ 7 Pathways to Freedom

Self-awareness is the key to everything you want to create in this life, and as self-awareness grows, you gain an increasingly subtle knowledge of what you are doing, being and thinking in any moment and how this affects every experience of your life. Most people create their reality unconsciously and automatically. In fact, many don’t even acknowledge that they are creating their internal and external experience of life, because from an unaware perspective, it does seem as if what you feel and what happens to you is solely a result of your external experiences and situation. In this component you will learn to bring greater self-awareness to all of your interactions and decisions in life through work with totem animals and the chakra system.

October 7th Personal Power ~ Embody your Medicine

As individuals there is a fundamental need to express our personal power and creative potential. This leads to a life of freedom, joy and abundance in all areas of life ~ both personal and professional. Our sense of self determines the quality of our relationships, work and life choices. Ultimately, power is not about becoming someone else, it’s simply about becoming increasingly one’s self and being prepared to live with the path that unfolds for us as a consequence of that. In embodying our personal power and knowing the medicine we carry within, our compassion and integrity must also grow if we are to continue to create from a place of love and authentic power. In this component you will learn to recognize and embrace the medicine that you carry within.

November 4th Soul Purpose – Create a Life of Magic

When we are not aware of who we are as individuals and what we truly value and believe ~ our soul’s true calling in life will often remain elusive. This is when our actions become misaligned with what we want to create and instead of creating a life of purpose and fulfillment, we create distraction, drama and disease of the Soul. Many people are so depressed and fatigued doing work that they dislike, are not passionate about or even hate, that they don’t have the energy to create from a space of real authenticity and in alignment with their hearts true desire. To truly access the magic that life has to offer us we all need skills, healing and support in our personal transformation. Many are betrayed again and again by the failure of society to offer effective pathways back to our SOUL and its purpose for being here. In this component you will learn to understand what your soul purpose in this life is.

The Details

  • Purpose, Power and Magic 2018 is now open for enrolments
  • Purpose, Power and Magic commences Sunday March 4th 2018
  • Nine x 4 hour monthly face-face group meetings in Sydney
  • Regular email support – consistency is key and only an email away. I check in with you regularly and I give you total permission to check in with me.
  • Weekly check-in: each week we’ll check in to set personal goals, focus on outcomes and celebrate your successes. This proven method is incredibly powerful at keeping you on-path and accomplishing what you want to create.
Monthly accountability check-in: a deliberate review of your life – think: healing outdated stories, personal accountability, goals, awareness, support, encouragement and MUCH more.
  • Purpose, Power and Magic is open to 20 women
  • Venue: THE CENTRE 14 Frances Street Randwick NSW 2031

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What happens if I can’t make all the dates?

The responsibility is for you to let me know if you cannot make any of the mentorship dates beforehand. We can then discuss a suitable time for both of us to have a one-hour Skype session to work through what was missed in the group meeting.

2. How do I know if PPM is for me? Or if I’m ready for PPM?


Purpose Power and Magic is for women who are ready to RADICALLY CHANGE their lives and begin living in alignment with their highest creative potential.

If you’re ready to accept responsibility for what you have created in your life and cultivate the courage to transform old ways of BEING in the world that have kept you stuck – whether that’s work, relationships, health, purpose or finance – then this mentorship is for you!

Investment for Purpose, Power and Magic

Full Price ~ $2,550
Must be paid in full 2 weeks prior to the start date
Initial Deposit: $750
*** 7  Payment Plans Available***
Initial Deposit: $750
After the initial deposit of $750, there will be 3 x deposits of: $685.00 over a three-month period
The total amount on the payment plan will be: $2, 805.00
There are only 10 payment plans available for women

Register for Purpose, Power and Magic 2018

Registration for Purpose, Power and Magic 2018 is now open for 20 places. To register click your preferred payment option.

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