Menarch ~ First Moon Ceremony

Honour your daughter in her first moon cycle with a beautiful First Moon ceremony that initiates her into womanhood.

A menarche (first menstruation) ceremony can make this time easier and more meaningful for both the young girl beginning menstruation, her mother, and those women who are close to her in community.

Such a ceremony comforts and honours the young girl and lets her know that her feelings are natural and have been shared by women throughout time.

It focuses the attention of the community on the young girl’s needs at this time in her life and it initiates the young girl into womanhood.

~ Siobhan and Samantha ~

“Dear Beáta, thank you so much for creating a beautiful ‘First Moon Ceremony’ for Samantha. She loved the process of being able to acknowledge her childhood and then being welcomed into the circle of women that are in her life. You held the space with care, sensitivity, love and a good dose of humour - exactly what we all needed! Samantha felt very special and has not stopped talking about the ceremony since that day! I would recommend that all Mother’s offer their daughter this type of ceremony to welcome them into being a woman and to cherish the journey of their childhood. Thank you again, Beáta. Much love.”

Menarche First Moon Investment 

A Menarch First Moon ceremony is different, special and personal for each young woman. Please email me to discuss requirements, investment and a suitable time to meet regarding your Menarch ceremony. 

Please Note: Additional costs will be added for travel outside of the Sydney Metropolitan Area.

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