~ JOURNEY OF INITIATION ~ A Shamanic Women’s Retreat

Bali ~ 25th September ~ 2nd October, 2018

The focus of this extraordinary retreat experience will be on individual transformation, personal freedom, self-responsibility and authenticity.

It takes courage to explore this path, for it is here, within the most intimate parts of ourselves that we learn to create a life of depth, meaning, connection, freedom and authenticity.

It is a gift to give ourselves the time and the space to reflect, retreat and envision what we want to create in our lives – what is seeking our attention.

Individual Transformation ~ Personal Freedom ~ Personal Responsibility ~ Authenticity

Bali is one of the most beautiful, enchanting and spiritual places on this earth and I want to bring women from all corners of the globe for an experience of a lifetime.

This journey of initiation is for anyone who is called to immerse themselves and transform their lives through traditional Balinese ceremonies, core-shamanic practices, drum journeys, yoga, meditation, dance, the medicine wheel, and much more.

Why did you do Living Your Magic Bali retreat?


“To connect deeper with myself, others and the world around me.”


“To continue to learn about myself and to connect deeper with my guides, and to meet like-minded women. (Also to have fun).”


“Because I wanted to dive deeper into parts of myself that I was afraid to explore on my own, and knew that taking myself away from my daily life was needed in supporting this exploration.”


“More than anything I felt called. I felt that I had lost my job just prior to allow me to go and find myself again because I was feeling lost being back home, not knowing what path to take and engaging in addictive behaviors because of that. I wanted to know what to do with my career and I wanted too tap back in with my true nature spiritually speaking.”

This 7 day Bali Retreat package will include:

  • A traditional Agni Hotra Hindu Fire Ceremony with a Balinese priest
  • A powerful Water Purification Ceremony with a Balinese High Priestess
  • Daily yoga, Kundalini dance practices, meditation, group processes, core-shamanic practices, drum journeys, womb wisdom, shamanic breath-work activation and circle work
  • Experience a beautiful gong sound healing ceremony in the ‘Pyramids of Chi’
  • Rituals to clear the ‘old’ and invite the ‘new’ into your life
  • Daily buffet breakfast at the retreat centre
  • Group dinners at different restaurants in the evening
  • Superior Balinese style garden accommodation in a tropical setting at the beautiful Ananda Cottages, Ubud. (twin-share unless specified that a single room is required)
  • Swimming pool and Wifi access provided free of charge



‘Bali is an amazing place, said to be the ‘Island of the Gods’, yet given it is a third world country there are many poor people in Bali with no welfare infrastructure. I am dedicated to giving back to the local community with proceeds from every booking going to BUMI SEHAT. This is a not-for-profit charity that provides free social services and health education to improve the quality of health for mothers and children through prenatal clinics, labour services and environmental programs for cleaner communities.’


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  • Airfare to and from Bali and airport transfers to Ananda Cottages.
  • Taxis to and from the hotel to the centre of Ubud when not on a group excursion (about AUD $ 5.00 – $8.00 each way).
  • All lunches and any tipping.
  • Fee from airport – hotel in Ubud: AUD $35
  • Travel and Medical Insurance is compulsory
  • Personal Laundry

What was your most cherished part of our retreat?


“The safe and supportive space we all created together connecting to the earth, and shifting the energy around stories i was holding on to.``


``The support and connection with every member of the circle. The dance. The deep work and the glow on everyone’s faces as we finished.``


“The love and support within the group of beautiful ladies. Being able to tell your “story” without any fear of judgement. The beautiful Fire Ceremony and the water healing.”


“Definitely the people. I felt I had found my tribe and I’m very grateful for the beautiful souls I met and worked with. Practice wise, I benefited a lot from the music and shamanic journeys, much like I did back in 2015. I also will always cherish the groupwork where the ladies said what they saw in me as my highest potential. I also really got a lot out of the womb journey. I didn’t click that behind me was the past for some reason, but it was dark cliffs and animals of prey were there. In front I was very high up and looking across a city with my hands up in the air in a goddess pose. Then when I saw it meant past and future… Wow. I trusted myself immensely and felt so light and excited for the future.”

Investment ~ A Shamanic Women’s Retreat

Before April 1st 2018

*** Early bird price if paid in full by 1st April 2018:
Double Occupancy ~ $1,850 
Single Occupancy ~ $2,200***

After April 1st 2018

Double Occupancy ~ AUD $2,200
Single Occupancy ~ AUD $2,550
Expats living in Ubud ~ AUD $1,750

Payment Plans Available

What was your experience of working with me during Living Your Magic?


“Beyond expectations, absolutely love your work. Your soul melts so beautifully into every element of the experience. I feel blessed to have been apart of the journey.``


“As time went on, I realised, it was the best gift I could ever give myself. I felt something move within me, I felt different. Now when I look within I only see light, and room for beautiful things to grow.``


“I also experienced a lot of love, from yourself and the other women and also myself actually. I reconnected with my spirit guides, totems, and I formed lifelong friendships. I heard things like from myself like “it’s ok darling, we love you. You’re strong, you’re a goddess” at certain stages, especially during the exorcism of my demons!”


“There just seems far too much to put into words! I felt so safe and supported by you in this retreat, I felt you held the space perfectly and offered just the right amount of forceful encouraged balanced with gentleness and love to allow me to process massive amounts of bottled up suffering and pain, and to heal myself after the process. I found your presence and the atmosphere completely magical!”


``It was truly wonderful – I don’t know how you found the time to support us, not only as a group, but connect deeply with each of us individually as well. I felt so supported by you, not only during the retreat, but in the weeks before and after as well. The sessions were “Incredibly transformative, especially the journeys, and I loved going out as a group every evening as well. And I am so awed that you are able to read me so well – I really feel that you know me better than I know myself, and I have to stop myself emailing you every week to ask for the answers to all of life. As well as being so compassionate and fun, you are the wisest person I have ever met – and I am so so grateful for you – I can honestly say that it is because of you that my world is a better place.” ❤️

Registration ~ Journey of Initiation

This retreat is limited to 20 women to provide an intimate space for expansion, awareness, deepening and exploration.

Deposit: A deposit of AUD $500 is due at the time of registration to secure your place. The final balance is due by the 1st September, 2018.

*** The deposit and retreat balance can be paid by cash, credit card (fees apply), Stripe or direct bank deposit.***

We do not use your deposit until your application has been confirmed.

After deposit of $500AUD is paid, you will receive a follow-up package that includes a welcome letter and more detailed logistics such as flight suggestions, passport and visa information, currency, health and what to pack. I will also connect you to a roommate unless single occupancy is required by you.

What actions are you going to implement as a result of doing Living Your Magic?


“Being aware of my triggers and not reacting. spend more time in nature and connecting with mother earth.”


“Include energy clearing practices into my daily beach walks. Connect with more likeminded sisters in my area and speak my truth including owning my spiritual practices within my friends groups.”


“More self care and love practices Implement a more consistent physical ritual into my routine (dance!) Walking with intention Gratitude practice Grounding practices So much inspiration lovingly directed to all areas of my life! Thank you Beata you beauty! X”


“I have started doing my own thing rather than going with the group decision just to stay near my friends – eating frozen yoghurt for dinner instead of ramen, going to the gym by myself instead of the nightclub. And I am allowing myself not to like things (and people). I don’t yet know what actions these changes are going to result in, but they feel like big internal shifts! Thank you again dear Beata – I am so grateful and I have so much love for you! xxxxx”

“I’ve already started contiuing my self love practices, the way i cleanse my face, the food I eat, the way I make decisions (Like not dragging myself to a birthday when I am exhausted). I’ve started to speak my truth more too and I told my parents about my anger, which I might’ve done anyway but I am in a space of speaking up for sure. I am also going to follow the spiritual path. I am going to commit to yoga, light candles again, stay more in my body. These last nights I’ve been calling my grandparents to myself and I directly asked my maternal grandmother who only passed a few months ago if she would be my spiritual guide. I felt her energy, especially on my thigh and my left hand, and I cried. I also realised that she was a strong woman, my mum is a strong woman and yet I never saw myself as possessing their strength. At all. Now I know I do 🙂 Thanks Beáta.”

What would you say to other women about this retreat?


“Its a time to concentrate on yourself and deal with any issues that are stopping you enjoying life and living your purpose.”


“Just to do it! It changed my life! I dont feel inclined to explain to people what happens or why they should do it, I just feel that EVERYONE would benefit from this retreat.”


“What I have been telling people is the retreat has completely changed my life. There’s no language to define the transformation, I’m still in integration and adjusting to this new awareness, so again it’s difficult to summarize but put simply it’s an opportunity to connect with pure magic.”


“I would tell them that the retreat is truly life-changing, and not to underestimate how powerful it is. I would tell them it is not a decision to make lightly, but if they are really ready to change themselves, to let go of old stories and ways of seeing the world, then this is the retreat for them. And I would tell them that it is so worth it – and years on, when they look back at their life and see how it has changed for the better, I am sure that it will all have started with the decision to do this retreat.”

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